Our Tribute

Our Tribute

to Nature

With the engagement or wedding, many thousands of couples begin their future together with acredo every year. Families are started, children are born. This is one of the reasons that drive us to commit to sustainable practices.

There is only one planet Earth. Climate protection is more important today than ever before. That is why acredo has entered into a partnership with PLANT-MY-TREE® and supports reforestation projects in Germany's forests.



Each unique acredo ring is Made in Germany, made with Love in the egf manufactory in Pforzheim. egf Manufaktur and thus acredo places emphasis on uncompromising quality and is committed to sustainability.

egf Manufaktur has been a member of RJC since 2017. Furthermore, it fulfills the RJC Chain of Custody standard - a non-mandatory standard for members.

The “Chain of Custody” is a production standard for gold and other precious metals, stating appropriate standards for human rights, labour standards, environmental impact, and business ethics throughout the supply chain.

We source our precious metals from suppliers that also meet this standard. Our diamonds hail from suppliers that comply with the strict UN resolutions.

Ensure your prosperous future together begins with a good feeling.

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In the custom manufacturing of acredo rings, egf not only assumes responsibility in the areas of corporate ethics, human rights and environmental responsibility as confirmed in the RJC certificate. The commitment goes well beyond the requirements


Leasing e-bikes are offered. 32 employees are already taking advantage of it.


13% of our energy needs are covered by ourselves.


Only necessary print-outs are do done and thus 22,500 sheets of paper are saved per year.

Energy Scouts

Proactive team ideas for further savings are rewarded.

Climate Partner

The company is climate-neutral and certified as such.

Green Energy

The electricity comes 100% from solar, wind and hydroelectric power plants.


The certificate card, which is included with each ring, is biodegradable.



The luxurious acredo packaging with its excellent feel has been based on recycled and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified materials for years. Our customers should not only be able to enjoy their acredo rings or jewellery for a long time, but also store them safely and permanently with style.

Step by step, new insights into sustainable materials will be incorporated into our portfolio. The aim is to make all acredo packaging and presentation materials as sustainable as ever possible.




As part of our environmental commitment we put a focus on the sourcing of our materials.

With every ring or piece of jewellery from acredo, we provide our customers with a certificate card on which the order number and information on alloys and stones are noted. The material of this certificate card of course is bio-PVC. This is biodegradable.

Our alloys are created inhouse from primarily recycled precious metals. The socalled urban mining uses valuable or jewelry items, which are no longer in use. They are recycled and returned to the material cycle. The precious metals coming from this process are of the same high quality as newly mined metals.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

for a bright Future

At acredo, we believe in 100 % unique rings and jewelry matching to your personality, love and style without any compromise in quality and conscience.

Our mission is a respectful, transparent and sustainable approach to nature and its resources for the preservation of the livability and lovability of our planet.