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acredo memoire rings in gold

The crowning glory of your love

Memoire rings in warm gold colours are always a fabulous present - for your wedding, at the birth of your child or on your birthday. acredo gold memoire rings let your loved one’s heart beat faster and symbolize lifelong fidelity. Together you choose which wonderful moments should accompany you forever on your finger. Unite family tradition and modern life with memoire rings made of gold – because gold rings are beautiful classics and you will enjoy them throughout your lifetime.

Never-ending range of colours: Enchanting acredo memoire rings in gold

Whether you choose fine white gold, unusual red gold or harmonious rosé gold – gold memoire rings are enchanting and can be combined perfectly with wedding rings and other complementary rings. The percentage of gold in the alloy determines the colour of your memoire rings and will create perfect harmony of your ring set.

The warm yellow gold of your memoire rings can be made of two different alloys: yellow gold 585 (14 carat) and yellow gold 750 (18 carat). Thus you not only determine the enchanting golden colour, but also the value and exclusivity of your memoire ring.

For a perfect balance: Design your own gold memoire rings

Tradition vs. modern, sleek vs. grand, growing vs. complete: with the memoire ring designer you become the designer of your very own gold memoire ring. Just a few clicks is all it takes to design your dream ring, and you can exchange and adjust the gold colours, diamond settings and ring sizes to your heart’s desire. This is how you can create a perfect balance between your personal ideas, the latest trends and the wedding ring and complementary ring. You will be fascinated by the innumerable variations of gold memoire rings – choose your favourite. uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service. We also use third party cookies. For details see our privacy policy.