Bagues Mémoire en platine

acredo platinum memoire rings

Let your dreams come true

Platinum memoire rings are the ultimate pieces of jewellery. Rare, high class and made to last forever – the precious metal platinum is simply heavenly. Platinum at its best in the shape of a memoire ring. The highest quality precious metal of all times paired with your unique memories in the form of sparkling diamonds turns a platinum memoire ring into one of the most exclusive mementos a woman can wear. Live your dreams and keep them safe in the form of platinum memoire rings.

True masterpieces: platinum memoire rings

At acredo, you can choose between two alloys for your platinum memoire rings: platinum 600 or platinum 950. Platinum 950 consists of 950 parts of platinum and 18 parts of gold and is thus the purest of all alloys available. Combined with exquisite brilliant-cut diamonds, platinum memoire rings are an expression of pure luxury and unique love.

In addition to the high purity and quality, the wearing comfort and colour stability make this precious metal stand out. No discolorations and a pleasing feel turn platinum memoire rings into dreamlike pieces of jewellery and lifelong symbols of your love.

The perfect ring thanks to a lot of love and talent

We thoroughly enjoy working with platinum memoire rings – in the design studio, the manufactory and in the consultation centres. The white colour goes with pretty much anything, the material is particularly suited to diamond settings, and each brilliant-cut diamond tells its own story. Our employees and the online designer suggest variations and adjust the ring to your personal preferences. Be inspired by the unique material, your love and our employees when looking for your dream platinum memoire rings. uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service. We also use third party cookies. For details see our privacy policy.