Bagues Mémoire jusqu'à 0,25 ct

Exclusive memoire rings by acredo

The most precious keepsake to remind you of your blissful love and happiness together

The first meeting, the wedding or unforgettable holidays - memoire rings keep hold of those special moments spent with your loved ones and are considered a symbol of mutual respect and love. Exclusive memoire rings express this unique love more strongly and mesmerize not only your loved one but also family and friends. Exclusive memoire rings are unique tokens of love and precious keepsakes of your life together. acredo offers gorgeous and exclusive jewellery according to your individual ideas – whether you wish for growing memoire rings with sparkling precious stones or luxurious full pavé memoire rings.

There are no limits to their exclusivity.

Exclusive memoire rings by acredo unite your precious memories with highest quality precious metals and the purest diamonds in a piece of jewellery that will last forever. Memoire rings in platinum 950 and gold 750 (18 ct) are particularly exclusive and simply splendid. Together with sparkling traditional brilliant-cut diamonds, the emphasis is on pure elegance.

Even a diamond band with brilliant-cut diamonds in unusual colours or in an exquisite sapphire blue underlines the exclusivity of your memoire ring. The feel of the surface and the characteristic design also make memoire rings by acredo stand out - because in our manufactory, exclusivity knows no bounds.

See for yourself: exclusive memoire rings at acredo

High quality materials, an individual design, wearing comfort and our passion for the manufacture process all contribute to the creation of your exclusive memoire rings. We will find exclusive memoire rings to complement your style in one of our consultation centres or online with the ring designer. Configure your own personal memoire rings, decide the degree of exclusivity you desire and test which ring complements you best. This is how we, together, can make your exclusive memoire rings that you will treasure and wear on your fingers throughout your life - just like you will carry your memories in your heart. uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service. We also use third party cookies. For details see our privacy policy.