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acredo memoire ring designer

A ring to symbolize your personality

Thanks to acredo’s memoire ring designer you are no longer just the architect of your own fortune, but also the designer of your own memoire rings. Memoire rings are emotional pieces of jewellery, enriched by priceless memories of your partner and family. The memoire ring designer lends your ring even more individuality and meaning. There is no better way to express your personality than with the acredo memoire ring designer.

Twice the uniqueness with the memoire ring designer

Memoire rings are a symbol of eternity and undying love. To ensure you enjoy your personal piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, you can use the acredo memoire ring designer for your own personal style.

Test the variations conveniently in front of your computer at home or on the way to work: you are free to choose the alloy, half or full pavé memoire rings as well as the type and colour of the precious stones. Inspired by your mother’s memoire ring, by new trends or your own creativity, you can use the memoire ring designer to configure your unique dream ring. The result: memories of emotional moments coupled with a unique design.

Precious stone, alloy and personality: harmony times three

Seductive brilliant-cut diamonds or fabulous sapphire colours, gold or silver, sleek or sparkling – the acredo memoire ring designer allows you to test these variations and decide which design fits you and your wedding ring best. Configure your memoire ring and create perfect harmony between the diamond, ring and your personal happiness. uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service. We also use third party cookies. For details see our privacy policy.